New Rules and Regulations for GST Practitioners Exam - 2019

The CBIC has issued the Notification No. 24/2018- Central Tax, dated May 28, 2018 on provisions of GST practitioner exam by inserting new Rule 83A of Central Goods and Service Tax Rules 2017.

It says that every person as referred to in clause (b) of Rule 83(1), who have enrolled as a goods and services tax practitioner under sub-rule (2) i.e. those meeting the eligibility criteria of having enrolled as sales tax practitioners or tax return preparer under the existing law for a period not less than five years, shall pass GST practitioner exam.

This exam will be conducted by (National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes, and Narcotics).

Registration for the GST Practitioner Exam:

A person who is eligible and require to pass the GST practitioner exam must register themselves on the online website as specified by NACIN. While registration, You will also must pay the GST practitioner exam fee as specified on the website. All this information will also get published on official website of the Board and common portal. The applicant can choose an examination center located across the nation as designated by NACIN.

GST Practitioner examination registration

GST Practitioner Exam Syllabus:

Follow this links: NACIN Exam Syllabus